Hendersonville North Carolina Real Estate

Hendersonville north carolina real estateHendersonville, NC is one of the fastest growing areas in the Southeastern United States and this comes as no surprise for anyone who has spent time in this area that lies just off Interstate 26 near the South Carolina/North Carolina border.

Whether one is searching for a first home, a house that can accomodate a growing family or an investment property, there are a plethora of options when it comes to Hendersonville North Carolina real estate.

Three Great Hendersonville, North Carolina Real Estate Options

Highland Lake

Our world is changing quickly and not all of these changes are welcome. Highland Lake offers homeowners the chance to go back in time, so to speak. The houses are extremely well-built and come with all the amenities of today’s homes but the area is tranquil, serene and gives off the air of a quiet, upscale neighborhood from decades past.

Cumming’s Cove

If one is looking for a larger home or for high-quality investment real estate Hendersonville NC is a wonderful place to search. Cumming’s Cove is considered by many to be the premier neighborhood in Hendersonville. Asheville, with its healthy job market, is hardly more than a stone’s throw away. Golfers enjoy the lush greenery and challenging course layout, and landscapers have spared no expense in making sure that the trees and plants in Cumming’s Cove will be around to please the eyes for decades.


Despite the recent downturn in US home prices Kenmure property values have held their own. Investors value the pristine golf course and proximity to booming business centers. Family heads appreciate the security of the Kenmure neighborhood and the closeness to high-ranking public school systems. Kenmure even has a website that is dedicated to helping newcomers feel welcome within the community.

Hendersonville North Carolina real estate has something to offer everyone that is in the market for a new home, and anyone who is currently house shopping can learn more about these three classy neighborhoods by visiting each community’s respective web site.

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